Senior Counselor

The purpose of Project Destiny is to glorify God by serving the Chinatown community, bringing campers to know more of Christ, and offering lifechanging urban ministry experience to its staff.

The Senior Counselor tracks are geared towards Christians, ages 18 or older (college‐aged and other adults), who can offer an entire summer of service to ministering in Chinatown full‐time.

Senior Counselors live in the Chinatown area together for 7.5 weeks as part of a close knit team. It is an intense 24/7 experience, like a short-term missions trip, where all your time and energies are directed into learning about and serving the city that your campers live in. During the day, you will lead a small group of campers, teach classes, and interact with campers, and lead field trips. After camp is done, you will plan your lessons or activities, pray and spend time bonding with fellow staff, and experience the neighborhood as local residents do.

The role involves a lot of sacrifice and dedication, but it is also potentially one of the most life-changing roles you can take on for yourself and the campers you will meet.

Application Steps

PD Application Process-start

  1. Read “What does an SC do?” and “What’s a week like?
  2. Staff Interest Form
  3. Complete online application Part 1 and provide references by February.
  4. Complete online application Part 2 (supplement) – (This will be emailed to you shortly after you submit Part 1)
  5. Interview with a Planning Team member
  6. Await final decision from the planning team by April.